Become a Tanqaa Channel Partner...
  Who can become a Tanqaa Channel Partner?
  Anyone looking at a steady monthly income and willing to use the tanqaa platform for delivering outstanding payroll services to clients can become a tanqaa channel partner. HR consultants, PF/ESI Consultants, CAs, Company Secretaries, BPOs and organisations that provide business services can ideally become channel partners to enlarge their offerings and gain access into client companies. NGOs too can become channe; partners and provide payroll services to other NGOs.
  What do I benefit from becoming a Tanqaa Channel Partner?
  Becoming a tanqaa channel partner can potentially open up a lot of opportunities to channel partners, including-
  • Training and operational support from Tandem Integrated Business Solutions Pvt Ltd (TIBS)
  • A steady monthly income
  • Entry into new client organisations
  • Opportunity to provide other services
  • Access to new features and applications introduced by TIBS
  Is it necessary to have prior payroll processing experience?
  No, it is not necessary for channel partners to have prior payroll experience. TIBS will provide orientation about the payroll business and also train the channel partners and their team members to provide outstanding payroll services to their clients
  How do I market and get customers?
  Look around and you'll find yourself surrounded by prospective customers who need payroll services, from a small retail store to a large department store; from a 2-member consulting firm to a large IT company; from a neighbourhood Montessori school to a large university; from a small fabrication shop to an automobile manufacturer;

To be sure, every company covered under ESI / PF will need payroll services.

So, list down your known contacts& generate leads. TIBS will help you give demo, price and close the deal.

TIBS wilI provide following support to channel partners-
  • Marketing and sales guidance to channel partners on a continuous basis.
  • The name and contact details of every channel partner will be listed on the tanqaa website for prospective customers to get in touch with
  • To organize awareness and tax camps
  How do I become a Tanqaa Channel Partner?
  It's easy to become a tanqaa Channel Partner-
  • Contact a TIBS executive or mail to
  • The TIBS executive will provide an overview of the payroll business and its potential and explain what it takes to become a Channel Partner
  • Sign Channel Partner Agreement with TIBS
  • Pay the CP Fees
  • Get trained on payroll and using tanqaa
  • Get listed on the tanqaa website
  • Start marketing and sales
  • Provide Outstanding Payroll Services