About the Offering
  What are the key features of your product?
  The key features of the current release of tanqaa are as follows.
  • Employee information base.
  • Automated payroll processing including statutory deductions.
  • Workflows for payroll claims.
  • Library of MIS and statutory (Indian laws) reports.
  Do we have to do any programming to use tanqaa?
  No, customers need not do any programming at their end. tanqaa comes with a pre-built set of user interfaces and database elements. Business managers can easily handle issues related to the management of tanqaa.
  How do you handle tax deduction at source?
  tanqaa has a built-in tax computation engine which does the calculation automatically for salaried employees. Tandem takes the responsibility of making changes to the tax engine whenever tax laws change. We have taken particular care in ensuring that our software handles even complex situations with regard to tax treatment. For example, if an employee changes his residence several times within a year, the tax engine calculates the HRA exemption for each period of an employee's stay in a residence (as per the Indian Income Tax Act) and does not use an arbitrary monthly or quarterly periodicity for the calculation of exemption.
  Does your product lend itself to customisation?
  Yes, our software has been designed with the idea of allowing customers to customize the same for meeting their unique needs. For example, whether it is a simple requirement such as creating your own head of pay or a more complex requirement such as specifying carry forward periods for claim amounts, you can customize tanqaa.
  If we are in need of features or reports which are not there currently, can Tandem create new features and reports for us?
  Yes, on specific customer requests, TIBS shall create new features and reports.