Performance Contracts
  Will a tanqaa Channel Partner(TCP) enter into performance contracts with its customers?
  Yes, TCP enters into performance contracts with customers. In the contract spells out the rights and responsibilities of both the customer and TCP.
  What is a typical contract period?
  A typical contract period is one year.
  What is the procedure for revising your charges?
  At the end of each year, subject to the contract getting extended into another year, both the customer and TCP shall have the right to request a price revision.
  What is the procedure for contract termination?
  At any point in time, the customer or TCP can initiate contract termination by providing a month's notice for termination.
  Will TIBS help in our making a smooth transition from TanqaaTM to any other application, in the event of contract termination?
  At any point in time, customers have the option of downloading their data in the form of Excel sheets, from TanqaaTM. Customers can avail of our services for data porting, new database design etc. during transition. In addition, we will be happy to provide technology support on specific customer requests.