Pricing and Billing
  What is the basis of your pricing?
  For the use of TanqaaTM, we charge our customers a subscription fee every month on a per employee basis. For other services, we charge on the basis of the effort involved. In addition, we charge a one-time set up and training fee at the start of our service.
  Do you expect customers to pay anything during the trial period?
  We do not expect our customers to pay us anything during the trial period. Customers shall pay us only after they decide to avail of our services after the trial period.
  Will you charge full month's subscription fee for an employee even if the employee has been with the company only for a part of a month?
  Tandem charges the same monthly amount even if an employee works only for a portion of a month.
  Do we have to make any advance payment?
  There is no advance payment required.
  What is your billing cycle?
  We raise our bills at the end of each month.