Reliability and Security
  How can I be assured of the continuous availability of your service?
  Tandem has invested in providing a high quality physical infrastructure for hosting the software and developing a robust application architecture, to ensure high reliability and availability of our services. The key features include:

Physical Infrastructure: Our production servers are co-located in a world class level 3 internet data center. The facility provides round-the-clock physical security including state-of-the-art biometric access and exit sensors, continuous video surveillance, electronic motion sensors and gas based fire suppression systems.

The facility also provides UPS protection with back-up generators in case of a power failure. Also, the data centre has fast Ethernet connections to the internet with redundant links for failover.

Application Architecture: Tandem's application architecture uses J2EE clusters using multiple application servers with load balancing and automatic failover mechanisms to ensure high availability of the application. In the event an application server crashes, another application server in the cluster will automatically takeover the user session and continue to respond to user requests. This ensures uninterrupted service to users. The database server runs on a RAID-5 hardware architecture, ensuring high level of data redundancy and failover. The data is also frequently backed up to ensure minimal to no data loss in case of a fatal database crash.

  How can I be assured of my data security?
  Our web servers use the industry standard 128 bit SSL encryption while establishing a connection from your browser to our server. Once you log into TanqaaTM, you can see a small lock icon at the bottom of your browser indicating that your connection is secure and the data is encrypted while in transit.
  How do you maintain confidentiality of our data?
  TanqaaTM allows users to access the application only on entering valid credentials such as user ID, Password and organization ID. TanqaaTM' robust security algorithm allows only authenticated users to log into the application. Each customer's data is kept in a separate schema in the database thus preventing any data mix-up across different customers. TanqaaTM' security algorithm also allows different types of user access privileges in order to provide flexible access control to each user independently.
  Will Tandem access our organization's data?
  Tandem will not access your data during the normal course of operations. However, on a case to case basis, Tandem may need to view your data to solve any technical or functional problems that you may bring to our notice. If we require access to your data, we shall take your prior consent.
  How frequently do you take data backups?
  We shall be taking full backups on a weekly basis and incremental backups on a daily basis.
  Can I get a backup of my data at my office?
  Yes, you can get the full backup of data in a CD or by way of an FTP transfer periodically.
  Will you help us if there is a disruption in internet connectivity at our end?
  If you make a request, Tandem can run the payroll for your organization on your behalf and provide the reports and bank statements in Excel sheets.