Initial Setup
  How do I get started with tanqaa?
  Please contact us for setting up an account. Once your account is setup, we shall create an administrator user account with a default password for you to be able to log into tanqaa. From this point, the administrator has all the privileges to setup and configure the software and add more users as needed. For a detailed step-by-step process, we shall provide you an "Initial Setup Guide". We will also guide you as and when you decide to do the configuration. Please note that the administrator user is a functional administrator and not an IT administrator.
  Do I need my IT department's help for the initial setup?
  No, any of your functional managers can do the initial setup. There is no need for any assistance from IT specialists. tanqaa is an on-demand service available on the internet and all you need is internet connectivity and a web browser to access the software. All the necessary hardware and software needed for the application are managed by Tandem.
  Is there a bulk data upload and download facility on tanqaa?
  Yes, tanqaa has a bulk upload interface (using Microsoft Excel) through which you can upload or download your data as a batch process. Once you finish the initial configuration of the software by setting up the master data, you can download a customized bulk upload template from the application. All you have to do is fill in the excel sheet with your employee data and upload the completed Excel sheet. Once the upload is completed you will be notified through an e-mail and you can check for errors and re-upload the excel file, if necessary, after correcting the errors.
  I would like tanqaa to be integrated with my existing HR application to avoid re-entry of data. How do I do this?
  At this point in time tanqaa does not provide web services for real time integration of your software with tanqaa. You can use our bulk upload utility to upload incremental data from your HR application to tanqaa manually. If you want a real-time data exchange, we can build a suitable custom interface between your software and tanqaa. Please contact us for more information.