Payroll Management
  What are the steps to the commencement of your service?
  The steps to commencing our service are as follows:
  • Preliminary study of the existing systems / policies
  • Data collation and migration to tanqaa
  • Receipt of inputs for processing payroll for the first month of service
As part of our preliminary study, tanqaa Channel Partner would do a check on the statutory and MIS reports pertaining to past data and point out any discrepancy or mistakes it comes across. The tanqaa Channel Partner, in consultation with the customer, will decide on how past mistakes, if any, shall be corrected.
  How does the monthly pay cycle work?
  The key steps in a typical monthly pay cycle are as follows. The dates stated below are for an organisation that makes salary payments on the last of calendar month. If an organization follows a different pay cycle, the dates stated below may change.

Step 1: tanqaa Channel Partner(TCP) receives monthly payroll inputs from the customer by the 25th of each month.
Step 2: TCP processes payroll and submits the outputs to the customer by the 28th of each month.
Step 3: Client approves TCP' outputs by the 29th of each month.
Step 4: TCP submits the salary payment advice to clients and subsequently transmits payslips to employees on the last of the month.
Step 5: TCP submits the TDS challan (for the previous month) by the 2nd of subsequent month.
Step 6: TCP submits the PF challan and remits the PF amount by the 15th of each month.
Step 7: TCP submits PF forms by the 25th of each month.

In addition to the above, tanqaa Channel Partner, in consultation with the customer, agrees on dates for handling other statutory formalities such as those of ESI, Profession Tax etc., conducting "tax camps" for providing tax related advice to employees in customer organisations, and verification of investment proof underlying tax declarations submitted by employees.