How do you provide customer support?
  TIBS considers itself to be an extension of its customer organizations and appreciates the criticality of support. TIBS provides customer support at different levels. At any point in time, users can report any problem and pose queries by way of e-mail or telephone. Every user query is tracked and responded within a specified period of time. TIBS identifies an operation manager from its team for every customer. Key users such as functional administrator and payroll manager can, other than sending an e-mail, call the operations manager in the TIBS team to record any complaint.
  What other services do you provide?
  In case you need assistance from TIBS in integrating your existing application or during the initial setup, for configuration of tanqaa, we can assist you. Also, if you wish to have operational support for tasks such as claims and tax declaration processing, we can provide such services.

If you wish to outsource your payroll services, please read our service description. More...