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Tandem is committed to maintaining a secure environment for users of Tanqaa. Tanqaa is hosted in an environment that uses a firewall and other mechanisms to prevent unauthorized intrusion. The key features of Tandem's security implementation are as follows.
Secure Socket Layer (SSL)
Tandem uses 128-bit SSL, an encryption technology, commonly used by organizations worldwide to conduct secure online transactions. Encryption is a method of scrambling information to protect its transmission across the Internet. The SSL technology, by way of data encryption and server authentication, ensures that user information is available only to authorized users. For logging into Tanqaa you will have to enter the user ID, Company ID and password which have been provided to you. The web page on which you are required to enter these details is a secure page. When your browser opens a secure page, the website address starts with "https://" rather than "http://". Also, when a session is secure, you would see a "lock" icon, typically in the bottom right of your browser window frame.
Login Information

Other than the User ID and password, you are required to enter your company ID for logging in. The company ID introduces an additional authentication requirement and makes Tanqaa more secure. The password has to be of certain length and should contain certain special characters in order to be valid. Please do not share your login information with anyone including authorized representatives of Tandem. Please change your password often as a good security measure.


Session Expiration

After logging into Tanqaa, if you keep your browser inactive for a certain amount of time, your session automatically expires to prevent unauthorised access to your account. If your session expires, you will need to log in again to access Tanqaa.

Session Cookies Our server issues a session cookie only to record session ID for the duration of a session. The session cookie does not include either the user ID, Company ID or password.
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