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  We offer a variety of services to add on to tanqaa
Customer support
Given the criticality of the payroll process, we will be available on-demand by both phone and e-mail, for any support issues.
If you require any technical or functional support for migrating from your current application to tanqaa or from tanqaa to a new application in the event of your deciding to terminate the contract with us, we will be happy to do so on specific requests.
Meeting your unique requirements
If you require any specific functionality (features and reports) not already there in tanqaa, we shall develop custom features for you on top of the tanqaa platform.
Connecting to your other applications
If you want tanqaa to be interoperable with any of your other IT systems, we shall develop custom connectors for your systems to connect to tanqaa on an ongoing basis.
Operational support
If you want us to offer services such as bills processing for medical bill reimbursements of your employees and processing of tax related declarations by your employees, we can do the same.
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